Ivana Oršolić

Ivana was born 1996 in Zagreb, Croatia. Her first dance steps she already learned in kindergarten. In the age of nine Ivana started her professional dance education, learning ballet, contemporary, show, jazz and tap dance. In 2013/2014 she was a dancer in Zagreb Dance Center performing in projects by Maša Kolar („Merry Christmas for Naughty Kids“) and Petra Hraščanec ( Ceremony for Croatia getting into EU). 2015/2016 Ivana was a dance student at Academy of Dramatic Arts in Zagreb. There she worked with teachers such as David Hernandez, Milan Kozanek, Milan Tomašik, Blenard Azizaj and Guy Nader.While living and dancing in Croatia Ivana also worked for Croatian National Television, performing in TV shows „Good morning, Croatia“, „Magical Board“ and „The Voice Croatia“.  Since 2016 Ivana is a dance student at Musik and Arts University of the City of Vienna (MUK). There she is working with artists such as Esther Balfe, Mani Obeya, Eldad Ben Sasson, Matan Levkowich, Robert Hewitt and Alberto Franceschini.

At Choreloop 1.0 Ivana danced a duet with Philip Vötter „2 feet on the Moon“ and same year won a prize at Fidelio.Creation. On Choreloop 2.0 Ivana and Philip are presenting a sequel „2 feet; grounded“. 

For Choreoloop 3.0 Ivana is developing a duette with Joel Leupi.